Pan-Asia Venture Development Platform (PAVD)(中)

    It is a platform for(中)

  • venture investing
  • entrepreneurship training and education
  • fundraising for innovative ventures
Entrepreneurship Training(中)
Battlefield for entrepreneurial practice(中)
Registered Investors/Judges(中)
Regional angels, super angels, VCs & PEs(中)

(中文)The PAVD is an independent, self-funded platform with a mission to engage EMBA and MBA students and graduates in the development of quality high-growth ventures in Asia.


Learning Experience – MBA CUHK

It is a platform for

  • venture investing
  • entrepreneurship training and education
  • fundraising for innovative ventures



CHAU, Wilton


A veteran in venture investment and development.  He is the Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship in The CUHK Business School and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Strategy & Planning, The NUS Business School



CHOI, Tina

Executive Director – Global Venture Development

A marketing & sales specialist. She is the Adjunct Assistant Professor in The CUHK. She worked for major MNCs such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, PepsiCo, and Nestle. She was the Head (Director) of Sales – North Asia, Dyson.



WANG, Hui Chih

Chief Project Advisor (Taiwan)

An expert in marketing & strategy. She is a professor in the Management Department of the National Taiwan University of Science & Technology



LAM, Simon

International Project Supervisor

An actuary and expert in insurance industry. He served as the President of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong in 2017 and is now the General Manager (Business Development) of Munich Re Hong Kong.




Administration Officer

With experience in academic and administrative work, he also has strong interest in entrepreneurship. He started his own entrepreneurship in media production and trading field.




CHAU, Clement

Project Officer

(中文)With strong interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, he graduated from Australia in these topics and worked in the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Singapore Management University before joining PAVD.

(中文)Remodeling & Fundraising

Every year, the Platform invites third-party entrepreneurs globally to provide existing projects that have good growth potential in Asia. These projects include startups and existing SMEs. EMBA/MBA students from the various business schools then examine the business models and carry out limited due diligence of the projects, and prepare investment proposals for investors at zero charge. In some cases, our students also invest and become the lead investors of the projects. At the end of the course, projects are presented to a panel of 15 to 40 investors that includes venture capitalists, business angels and senior executives from relevant business sectors. Based on our records, about 20% of ventures joining this project get funded by investors registered in PAVD and/or sourced directly by our students.


Venture Investment Programme (VIP)

PAVD works several organizations and higher education institutions to provide early stage venture investment training for angels, venture capitalists, corporate venture capitalists, and impact investment executives.